Who should read?

This is a bi-weekly journal for UK employers who want to see better outcomes from recruitment, working from first principles.

Occasionally it’s a newsletter too when there are market observations to report.

It’s aimed at employers that have the appetite to improve how they recruit, so they can fill their vacancies more straightforwardly, with less hassle in less time.

What do I get?

You’ll get access to my recruitment brain, so to speak. All my ideas, tactics and strategy centred on filling difficult vacancies.

Much of it is based on getting the basics right, which, in my experience, many neglect. And more nuanced areas where you might benefit from investing in commercial skills like copywriting.

Follow my advice, and you’ll fill your problem vacancies more simply.

You can also roll it out across your ‘easier’ vacancies, and you’ll see a benefit here too, including more, better qualified, candidates.

If you find the advice helpful,

yet aren’t able to roll it out yourself, feel free to reply to the newsletter and I’ll see whether and how we might work together.

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Better recruitment for UK employers that have agency.


Greg Wyatt

I've started this newsletter to help you recruit better, with advice you can act on now, as well as observations on our turbulent employment market. It's for UK employers that have the appetite to improve how you recruit.